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Official SSBB Waluigi Portrait

Author ChiboSempai
Type PSA, Model Replacement
Replaces Character Red Alloy
Version 0.04

Character InformationEdit

Waluigi made his first debut in the year of 2000 in Mario Tennis. Waluigi is a new character and he is unlocked by performing a glitch! He is unlocked by doing the Luigi's Mansion glitch. To do this glitch, you must wait till the Mansion falls apart! or else it won't work! This glitch is easier to do in training mode! Remember, this glitch can only be done using Luigi! when you hear the sounds of the mansion falling apart, quickly use Luigi's final smash! when the final smash is done, you should hear that familiar sound of Waluigi saying Waluigi Time! when you quit training mode, as usual, it will say Challenger Approaching! And it will be Waluigi! ,However, if you beat Waluigi, it will say Waluigi, who owns a pinball arcade joins the brawl! Waluigi's final smash is Waluigi Pinball where Waluigi will drop 7 pinballs knocking opponents and Waluigi creates electric balls so if an opponent gets near it, it will stun them! These videos below will show you gameplay with Waluigi.


Waluigi Test Video 1 - Alpha v0

Waluigi Test Video 1 - Alpha v0.04

Waluigi Test Video 2 - Alpha v0

Waluigi Test Video 2 - Alpha v0.04