Sword Icon
Author goodoldganon
Type PSA
Replaces Character Marth

Roy is a texture/moveset modification of Marth designed for Brawl+. He was made by goodoldganon with PSA and last updated on December 7, 2009. The "model" in the moveset .PAC that used to contain the glow of Marth's sword has been replaced with the hair from the Isaac assist trophy thanks to Fortwaffles.

The download above comes courtesy of Wave Kusanagi:

Hey guys, I decided to take the time to basically merge all the Roy stuff we've been doing into one semi-official pack that completely replaces Marth with Roy. Well, all except for the stock icons XD;

He has his 5 official colors (Which I edited a little to get rid of the black stuff on his neck) along with CSPs for each one, including the black one. I made one for that one just to keep everything looking smooth. He's also got other outfits made by myself and other people too. He's got the battle and result screen icons he needs, and his own CSS Icon. Plus his name on his CSP and under his battle portrait in a fight both have been changed to Roy. Basically it's a full overhaul. XD

I've done my best to make this as simple and easy as possible so people aren't taking forever to replace this stuff. Any instructions you need for replacing the slightly more complicated stuff is in the respective folder. Enjoy :3


I do not take credit for making the initial Roy hack. This hack for Roy's hair was by Fortwaffles, not me. I and a few others did have a helping hand by making other costumes however, and I'm the one who put together this pack to make things easier for everyone. Any instructions you need are in the Readme files you'll find int he folders. If you are missing the specific files you need to replace or insert files into, you can find them here. (

TehSqueeMistro has recently done some vertex hacking to fix the hole in the back of Roy's head and made the Sword of Seals from vertex hacking the Falchion:

Download zip of .pac/.pcs files