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Pichu v2.0
Pichu v2.1's damaged idle (Unreleased)
Author Wander, D.B.K, TSON
Type Project Smash Attack
Replaces Character Pikachu
Download Male - Female
Version v2.0

Pichu was the first PSA hack to utilize the self-damage event ID that Phantom Wings posted on Smashboards. A mere clone from Melee, has now grown into a fully fledged character with gimmicks galore. Along with self-damage, Pichu now carries 'discharge', an ability similar to Lucario's 'aura'. As Pichu is damaged (be it by his/herself or by a foe), some of its attacks (namely up smash, down smash, back throw, and up throw at the moment) gain knockback and damage output, and even turn electric at some points.


None at the moment.


No pictures at the moment.