Author Shadic, IndigoFenix
Type Project Smash Attack
Replaces Character Toon Link

There are two different projects for Geno construction going on. The two have been dubbed Fighter Geno and Cosmic Geno. They've been made by Shadic and IndigoFenix, respectively.They're being undertaken with different viewpoints on the original character. Both projects are geared towards Brawl+, but should work in BBrawl or any other Brawl variation with the appropriate codes.

Fighter Geno is more into physical combat, using a lot of swapped animations to make the character and his moves feel different. His fall-speed and run is quick.

Cosmic Geno is more into using magic, and fire to attack. There's a heavy emphasis on times attacks, making Geno have special touches similar to how he worked in Super Mario RPG. He's slightly slower, and floatier than Fighter Geno.


thumb|left|300px|Fighter Geno from the 11-19 release.

thumb|left|300px|Fighter Geno from the 10-25 release.