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Xyless Xyless 15 January 2010

New subforum in SmashBoards: Customized Content!

After much reorganizing with the Smash Workshop (now Smash Workshop General), Bionic Sonic, mic_128, JV, and Yeroc have decided to make different subforums for the different Workshop categories. These new categories are Smash Workshop General, Tutorials, FAQs, & Help, Workshop Brawl, Brawl Code Sets, and Customized Content. Being a specialized Customized Content wiki, this change will mean for major improvements to this wiki as well, as the reorganization makes for easier finding of content.

Also, I would like to thank those of you who have contributed to this wiki while I have been away for family reasons. No deaths, mind you, just there were some problems we were having that prevented me from being on my computer for long. The wiki i…

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